Non-Diet Strength And Pelvic Floor Exercise Tailored For Pregnancy, Postpartum & Perimenopause

"I finally feel ready to pick movement up again without the goal of altering my body. I couldn't think of anyone better to work with than you. You've had such a profound impact on my mental health and the way I feel about my body."

Kristen H. (Mom of two)

You Might Be...

Join Us In TPAB For A Body Inclusive, Pre/Postnatal & Perimenopause Focused Program To Reconnect With Yourself, While Strengthening Your Whole Body & Core

Deep breath, you.

Yes, pregnancy and parenthood are so challenging. Full stop. 

It is also a transformational experience, and guess what? YOU MATTER in all of this.

And that's why I'm here to help, my friend. 

If you've ever found yourself ready to get moving your body with more consistency and (RE)building your strength and fitness, but feel STUCK on knowing how to even start, what do, or what is safe --- I've got you! 

I've put together an evidence based, wildly effective, ENJOYABLE, and simple-to-follow workout plan with To Pregnancy And Beyond. 

You get to have a fitness plan and support network that helps ease your worries and prioritizes your care.


In your wildest dreams, you would have someone who is there FOR YOU, to show you CARE and SUPPORT, so you can do the same for yourself.

Yes, "balancing" all of the demands of parenthood and LIFE can feel outrageous. But that dream you have? That your care MATTERS in this?

It is possible AND necessary, especially with the help of To Pregnancy and Beyond.



The Pre/Postnatal & Perimenopause Program For Reconnecting with YOURSELF, While Strengthening Your Body & Pelvic Floor

Here's Your TPAB Plan:

What's Included?


6-Month Progressive Workout Plan Accessed Via Mobile and Desktop App (Updated Exercises Every 4 Weeks)


Whole Body Strength, Core, Pelvic Floor & Cardiovascular Focused Training Per 4-Week Block


Workouts Specific To Your Time Point In Pregnancy, Postpartum, or Peri/Menopause


Community & Coach Support For Guidance And Gentle Accountability 


TPAB Is For You During:


For the pregnant person who wants to do effective and appropriately challenging, that is specifically designed to support the body’s changes of pregnancy. 

We work together to keep you moving, strong, comfortable and preparing for a healthy postpartum recovery. 


For newly & many years into postpartum folks who want to recover and restrengthen their body after a pregnancy, loss, or birth.

Appropriate for those with diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, and other pelvic health concerns. 


For those who are preparing for or in perimenopause (or post-menopausal) and want to get the most out of their workouts, efficiently - because you have no time to waste and your body has changed AGAIN! 

Appropriate for those with core or pelvic floor concerns, in midlife, and those with little or a lot of exercise experience.

Meet Your Coach

I’m Jessie! Your fitness, strength, body image, and pelvic health guide – and the start of your support system, in the To Pregnancy And Beyond program.


I have a handful of degrees that have helped to make me a specialist in perinatal & pelvic health exercise, and strength coaching and I’ve helped thousands of folks receive the fitness TLC they deserve.


I am focused on effective exercise in pregnancy & postpartum, through to perimenopause and BEYOND.


I specialize in teaching people how to exercise in a way that feels truly good, in a weight neutral manner -- no dieting or body shame to be found here. 


I'm also a mom of 2 kids, from 2 C-section births. I started training pregnant & postpartum clients long before having my own children, but undergoing the experiences myself transformed how I coach!

What is my style of fitness coaching?

My approach to movement is non-diet and weight neutral focused. All bodies are welcome, worthy, and respected. 

No diet or weight loss plans will be prescribed.


Here, you are getting closer to a full tank of energy, a confident body mindset, and workouts that leave you feeling powerful and strong

A physical power and strength that translates to the rest of your life.


“Yesterday I did the first part of my workout with my son and the second part while I was cooking dinner. So grateful to have these workouts ready to go when I need them. Otherwise I don't know what I would do if I had to write my own workout!"

Chrstine McDowell
Mom of Two

Commit to your care


Reconnect with your body and feel confident, strong, and in your power. You'll be a RENEWED version of you once again.

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