Solidly Step Into a New Level of Growth, Revenue, and Impact in your Perinatal, Pelvic Health, OR Non-Diet Focused Fitness or Health Coaching Business

Coach Collective enrols once a year only and runs from January 9th - July 7th, 2023.

Let's face it: entrepreneurship can feel LONELY, confusing, and overwhelming at times. PLUS...

You want doing business to feel ENERGIZING, impactful, creative. You know by now that entrepreneurship comes with challenges - and they will continue - but you're ready to build a business that feels STEADIER and stable. You want this business to financially support your life.

And I’m here to support you in it.

With guidance from experienced entrepreneurs and a team of like-minded leaders to help you and hold you through the successes & struggles that inevitably comes with business building.

COACH COLLECTIVE Is A Comprehensive Business Mentorship Program For Intermediate Business Owners Who Want To Build A Sustainably Profitable Coaching Business That Moves WITH Their Life, Using Transparency & Ethical Marketing.

In CoCo we prioritize you making REAL, tangible, measurable results through building a SPECIFIC-TO-YOU marketing plan for your main offers that you can rinse and repeat on all year long.

"Jessie's expertise goes above and beyond fitness education. She has so much experience and knowledge in regards to growing your business successfully while remaining authentic and true to yourself and your values. She's given me the best feedback and advice that I was able to implement in order to move forward and grow."

martine chiasson
Kinesiologist and Fitness Coach

There are VERY limited spots for the Coach Collective!

Lead Coach Jessie Mundell

I’m Jessie Mundell! Your lead coach in, The Coach Collective.

I have been building my fitness coaching and education business in-person and online since 2013. 

Entrepreneurship has seen me through two pregnancies, two postpartum recoveries, breastfeeding babies, and raising young children. 

I am focused on doing business in a way that is values-led, that acknowledges privilege, and that is sustainable for my energy as a woman, parent, partner, and WHOLE human.

I am DELIGHTED to support you in your business development and to help you bring your high impact offers to more folks who NEED your services. 

Co-Coach Tara Abel

Tara Abel is a Fitness Coach who takes a whole-person approach to helping her clients remove the overwhelm from exercise and nutrition. 

In the Coach Collective she is focused on helping you develop specific, intentional, and ethical copywriting and messaging for your offers. She'll work with you to bring more clarity and ENERGY to your marketing materials! 


Tara is also a mom to four wild and lovely children.


What you have been doing has got you HERE and that is to be celebrated.

But you know these same systems and strategies are NOT going to take you to the next level of results and outcomes in business that you want.

The online marketplace is changing. AND? You are, too.

You desire a business that allows you to:

"I chose to work with Jessie after having a few stagnant months in my fitness coaching business and not seeing much progress. I was seeking direction from an industry professional that had experience marketing to my ideal community of pregnant and postpartum people because what I had been trying was not working. I have launched a new program offer, ran a promotion, and added new subscribers to my email list. Her knowledge and support has been invaluable and I feel that my business is now moving forward again!

Jennifer abbott
Personal Trainer and Group Instructor

The Format Of Coach Collective:

  • 6-Month Small Group and 1:1 Business Mentorship for Fitness and Health Providers: from January 9th - July 7th, 2023
  • Best Suited For: Personal Trainers, Fitness Coaches, Physiotherapists/Physical Therapists, Kinesiologists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Nutrition Professionals, Naturopathic Doctors, Birth Workers, Doulas, Sleep Consultants, Course Creators, and Other Movement or Health Clinicians
  • Non-Negotiables: must be anti-diet culture, believe Black Lives Matter, be engaged in your own anti-racism work, and fully support and stand with 2SLGBTQ+ communities
  • Bi-Weekly, 60-Minute Small Group Calls: structured, curriculum based style trainings, teaching you WHAT do do, with ample space for questions and clarification on the process to implementing within your business (Thursdays at 1pm EST)
  • Monthly 1:1 Strategy Calls and Voxer Support: 30 minute private calls with you and Jessie to dive deep into the inner workings of YOUR business and strategize on personalized planning, offer refinement, messaging clarity, launch details, debriefs, and more! NOTE: Your January call is a 60-Minute session so we have ample time to build out your 2023 strategy!
  • Voxer Access Monday - Friday: Voxer app access to Jessie through the week for quick response to text and audio notes
  • Copy, Opt-In & Sales Page Audits, and Messaging Critiques: have your email copy, marketing materials, and enrolment pages reviewed and edited as needed
  • 2 DAY LIVE EVENT IN TORONTO IN MAY 2023! Gather in Toronto, Canada with the CoCo members and coaches (+ special guests!) for a 2-day live intimate business conference where we'll have focused learning and implementation time (May 25th and 26th)
  • Members Only Facebook Group for the duration of the mentorship to ask for guidance, get feedback, support other students, and check-in between weekly calls
  • BONUS GROUP CALL: Join me on Wednesday, December 7th (1pm EST) to "Map Your Year"! I'll walk you through my process for mapping your entrepreneurial year, so you go into 2023 already knowing your plan of action and ready to implement on it

the coco objectives:





The Qualification Process of CoCo

We know the Coach Collective is a financial, logistical, and time investment! You probably feel a bit scare-cited to be making this decision for personal and your professional development.

AND, it’s a significant investment for us - the coaching team! We spend a lot of time and have a lot of contact with each member. It’s necessary that the vibe is right, for everyone’s success & enjoyment.

This is why we’re particular in our qualification process for Coach Collective members.

You’ll fill in and submit the application form so we can be confident that you’ll reach success with the Coach Collective process, AND that we will absolutely be able to help you in your goals.

Essential to your acceptance is that you must be anti-diet culture, believe Black Lives Matter, be engaged in your own anti-racism work, and fully support and stand with 2SLGBTQ+ communities, as well as celebrate and welcome all intersectional identities.

These values are the underpinnings of all teachings and business guidance given during our time together.

We are DELIGHTED to work alongside you in 2023!

Here's the 411 on coco:

All sessions will be recorded and emailed out via video link. Plus, all sessions will be available via audio in private podcast format for easy listening on the go. 

First, I’m so sorry you’ve had those experiences and can understand your hesitation to moving back into a group based program. 

Leading groups is a privilege and an immense responsibility. We do our due diligence to curate a group environment that is as safe and comfortable as possible for all participants. 

Non-negotiables for all students (and coaches) are: must be anti-diet culture, believe Black Lives Matter, be engaged in your own anti-racism work, and fully support and stand with 2SLGBTQ+ communities, as well as celebrate and welcome all intersectional identities. These values are the underpinnings of all teachings and business guidance given during our time together. 

If you ever feel uncomfortable or harmed, I encourage you to speak to me about it! I trust your experience. 

Coaching starts on January 9th, with our first live class on January 12th. Coaching ends on July 7th. That said, we have a BONUS group call to Map Your Year on December 7th!   

The assignments and work outside group and 1:1 call time will be whatever you are taking action on to implement in your business for systems development, launch prep, copywriting, etc. 

EVERYTHING you are working on will be intentional for the forward movement of your business.  

Totally understandable. And, as a parent of two young kids with a full schedule, I feel you on this!

We work with YOU, to see your whole life, and design your marketing strategy to flow with your real life. That is top priority in the Coach Collective. Business is deeply personal and our coaching absolutely reflects that. 

Our strategies can fit how much time you have available.

You’re in the right place! This is NOT just another course that you’ll purchase and never touch again. The intentions of Coach Collective are for you to be highly involved in the process of developing your marketing strategy, implementing the plans, and getting direct 1:1 feedback. 

The support from the coaches are geared to YOU and what is happening in your business. You are not a number in this program. We only work with 10 students at a time to ensure everyone gets the support they need. 

There is no specific number of revenue that you need to have been making before enrolling in the Coach Collective. That said, you should already have at least 1 proven offer that you are currently bringing in revenue from. 

It’s fine if you do not want to continue selling your offer(s) exactly as is - we’ll work on adjusting it, where needed!

Absolutely. This is precisely what we do in Coach Collective - help you determine HOW you want your business to function, what offers feel aligned to you, and the ways in which you want to market and sell them. 

Strategy is where I THRIVE and I cannot wait to help you dial in all the moving parts of your own!

Increasing revenue is a top goal for most CoCo students! It’s a pillar that we focus on in our coaching together: how can you make more money and retain greater profits?

There is a specific, proven process we follow in our coaching to help make that your reality by dialling into your vision, marketing, sales mechanisms, delivery systems, and team. 

If increasing revenue is your goal, we’ll devise a plan to help get you there.

I deeply trust that if you implement your marketing and sales plan, and follow our coaching guidance that you will make more money in this calendar year vs. the last. 

I cannot guarantee when your return on investment will be reached, but our Coach Collective students generally see this between 2 - 6 months in the program.

I’m so sorry this has been your experience! I have been there myself and as a small business owner, know how disappointing, frustrating, and scary this is. 

From acceptance in the program you’ll fill in an extensive intake form. Included on that intake form is a question asking for your feedback on how you work best with a coach. Please answer this honestly and fully! 

Additionally, the support in the Coach Collective in unmatched. Expect responses to any questions you ask in the Facebook group on on Voxer within 24 hours (M-F), monthly 1:1 private calls for the space to think and talk through anything you’re needing guidance on, and bi-weekly small group sessions with ample time to hear what others are finding success + struggle in, plus gain the knowledge needed to make your next business move.

You will be contacted directly within 24 hours of submitting your application to be notified if you have, or have not, been accepted into Coach Collective. At that point, we’ll send you a link to the checkout page where you can complete your purchase of your CoCo tuition.  

I recommend you’ve been in business at least 1 year. You have the basics of online business sorted (website, email list, social media accounts, have been selling at least 1 offer). 

Class Begins January 9, 2023!

You’re Ready For More In 2023 And Are Claiming It For Yourself.

Your care matters.

Spaces are extremely limited for this cohort. Confirm your spot below!

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