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In This FREE GUIDE, Learn My Proven Method For Running and Teaching Profitable Group Fitness Classes

Learn fool-proof strategies direct from my 15+ years experience of coaching pregnant and postpartum clients

What is the FREE Coach's Guide?

The FREE Coach's Guide to Leading Streamlined, Successful, and Profitable Prenatal and Postnatal Group Fitness Classes will teach you how to design and run successful group-based programs for pregnant and postpartum populations. 


With this immediately downloadable guide, you'll learn how to build and grow unmissable in-person OR online group programs that your clients cannot wait to attend every week.


With the tactics I've included you'll show up to class feeling prepared, ready to adjust on the fly, and grateful about the positive impacts your coaching will have on your participants. 



Hi, friend!

I’m Jessie! I'm the creator of the Coach's Guide to Leading Streamlined, Successful, and Profitable Prenatal and Postnatal Group Fitness Classes.


I have a handful of degrees that have helped to make me a specialist in prenatal and postnatal exercise, and I’ve helped thousands of parents receive the fitness TLC they deserve.


I am focused on effective exercise during pregnancy and postpartum, rehab of the core and pelvic floor, postpartum and C-section recovery, teaching people how to exercise in a way that feels truly good, and helping folks feel capable in their bodies.

The coach's guide gives you....


Have questions?

You are a fitness professional, coach, or health practitioner who works with (or wants to be working with) folks in pregnancy, postpartum, or parenthood. You want to run small or larger based group programs that allow you to give all class participants the cuing, intensity, and attention they need to reach their goals efficiently. 

You are in the right spot! This is the perfect starting place if you've never run a group program before. What you'll learn in the Coach's Guide will give you the tools you need to start leading classes, PLUS help you feel organized and prepared to do so.

Absolutely! It's 100% possible to do successfully and in a way that meets everyone's needs, regardless of their trimester or length of time postnatal. 

Yes! You are going to learn my TOP 5 strategies to leading classes that feel streamlined and smooth for all participants and for YOU as the coach. It can feel overwhelming getting started, but I'm going to help you through it!

There will be some gems in here for you! I too have been coaching group classes for 15+ years and I still am always developing my coaching skills. If you're committed to life-long learning and continuing education, I trust you'll get some important takeaways from the Coach's Guide.

You bet! Grab it now, entirely FREE, at the bottom of this page.


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