Personalized Exercise Programming To Support & Strengthen Your Changing Body Through Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Parenthood

*Applications Accepted Until December 15th. Program Start Date is January 9th. Last Chance To Enrol With $500 Savings*

Move from CONFUSED to CLEAR in knowing how to care for your body & mind in 2023.

A PLAN intentionally designed for those ready to ditch the non-stop diet rollercoaster, bust through your "all or nothing" exercise mindset, and approach your body with greater ease.

“Yesterday I did the first part of my workout with my son and the second part while I was cooking dinner. So grateful to have these workouts ready to go when I need them. Otherwise I don't know what I would do if I had to write my own workout!"

Chrstine McDowell
Certified Personal Trainer and Mom of Two

Stop waiting for a "better" time to start.


You want an expertly designed fitness coaching program designed JUST FOR YOU, plus 1:1 coaching, regular check-ins with your coach, AND ongoing personalized adjustments as life keeps life-ing.

Yes, pregnancy and parenthood are so challenging. Full stop. It is also a transformational experience, and guess what? YOU MATTER in all of this.

And, YOU get to have a fitness plan and support network that helps ease your worries.

As a Custom Coaching member you get access to our signature, proven methods of coaching and program design. Custom Coaching is delivered in a 1:1 format with a premium level of coach to client support.

I'm honoured to help you along!


  • Expertly designed strength-based workout plan, designed JUST FOR YOU and your specific needs, that progresses monthly or as needed
  • Your workout plan is delivered via a free app, called True Coach, available via mobile and desktop. Login and see all aspects of your plan, including prescribed exercises, demo videos, direct messaging with Jessie or the coaching team
  • 30-Minute Initial Online Consultation with Jessie to discuss your current goals, lifestyle, injuries, core or pelvic floor symptoms, pregnancy / birth / postpartum / surgical experiences, and more!
  • Monthly 1:1, 30-Minute Online Strategy Sessions (private coaching calls) with Jessie or the coaching team to discuss your progress, go through exercise technique, strategize on pain or pelvic floor symptoms - whatever you are needing in the moment!
  • Optional Voxer access (free app) with Jessie or the coaching team for quick audio and text messaging from Monday - Friday.
  • Get the most from your investment by working closely with a coach and having a program designed specifically for YOUR needs
  • Access to our TO PREGNANCY AND BEYOND small group events with other members, including our private Facebook Community Group, WEEKLY Workout Club exercise meet-up group, and our MONTHLY Live Coached Workout
  • VERY LIMITED SPACES - 6 Month Commitment Required ($1899 TOTAL) - Monthly payment plan available ($349 / mo). NOTE: Custom pricing is increasing by $500 for new clients in 2023.

After I Apply, What’s Next?


Jessie will personally review your application to ensure you're an excellent fit for our style of coaching and we are 100% confident we can help you reach your goals. 


Within 24 hours you'll be sent confirmation that you've been accepted into the program, OR that we need a bit more clarification from you before proceeding! Either way, you'll have the opportunity to speak with Jessie on a 1:1 "vibe check / Q&A" call if you need any further details!


Once your acceptance is confirmed, you'll have payment details and a contract sent to you via email. Your spot is not held until payment is finalized and contract is signed.


You will book in for a 30-minute, online initial consultation with Jessie, so we can get to know you better and begin to craft your personalized workout plan. Your official program start date is January 9th! 

Lead Coach

I’m Jessie! Your fitness, body image, and pelvic health guide – and the start of your support system at To Pregnancy and Beyond, in the CUSTOM COACHING track.


I have a handful of degrees that have helped to make me a specialist in prenatal and postnatal exercise, and I’ve helped thousands of parents receive the fitness TLC they deserve.


I am focused on effective exercise during pregnancy and postpartum, rehab of the core and pelvic floor, postpartum and C-section recovery, teaching people how to exercise in a way that feels truly good, and helping folks feel capable in their bodies.

Co-Coach Tara Abel

Tara Abel (she/her/hers) is a fitness coach who takes a whole-person approach to helping her clients remove the overwhelm from exercise and eating. 


After her own experience with diastasis recti and prolapse, she became passionate about empowering folks with education on core and pelvic floor health.


You'll find Tara supporting you in True Coach, the Facebook group, and at our weekly workout meet-ups!


Tara is also a mom to four wild and lovely children.

What is our style of fitness coaching?

Our approach to movement is non-diet and weight neutral focused. All bodies are welcome, worthy, and respected. No diet or weight loss plans will be prescribed.


Here, we are getting closer to a full tank of energy, a confident body mindset, and workouts that leave you feeling powerful and strong. A physical power and strength that translates to the rest of your life.


Commit to your care

We are CHEERING FOR YOU, every step of the way.

Reconnect with your body and feel confident, strong, and capable. Feel like a renewed version of YOU again!

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