Relieve Your Aching Back and Hips, PLUS Build A Better Performing Pelvic Floor In Pregnancy & Postpartum With...

The Glute-Getter Guide

You want to feel capable and powerful again
in your changing pre/postnatal body.

Instead, your lower back aches from carrying your kids, doing the dishes, and after every workout.

Not to mention the pain in your pelvis that brings you to your knees with every sideways step.

But, listen... it does NOT NEED to be this way forever!

With the FREE Glute Getter Guide, you’ll get 4 effective, SHORT (5 minutes or less) exercise circuits that will not only boost your muscular strength, but will also help you ditch the aches, pain, and leaking - QUICKLY.


... By SPECIFICALLY focusing on building the strength of the gluteal muscles (think: the buns!), core, and pelvic floor - that pregnant and postpartum bodies NEED.

What is the Glute Getter Guide?



Do these short sessions from home, in your pajamas, with your kids pulling at your leg, and with minimal exercise equipment. Use these circuits on the daily, as a workout warmup, or at the end of a workout for extra spice!


“The Glute Getter Guide workouts were EXACTLY what I was looking for! I could easily fit them into my life when the kids were in the bath, while I was cooking dinner, or before my runs. I feel SO much stronger in not only my back and hips, but through my whole body. The best part? The lower back pain I've been struggling with since my first pregnancy (10 years ago!) completed went away within a week of starting the exercises. MIND. BLOWN. Thank you, Jessie!"

Melissa W.
Parent of 3 kids


Hi, friend!

I’m Jessie! 


Your fitness, core, and pelvic health guide – and the start of your support system with The Glute Getter Guide workouts.


I have a handful of degrees that have helped to make me a specialist in prenatal and postnatal exercise, and I’ve helped thousands of parents receive the fitness TLC they need and want.


I am focused on effective exercise during pregnancy and postpartum, rehab of the core and pelvic floor, postpartum and C-section recovery, teaching people how to exercise in a way that feels truly good, and helping folks feel capable in their bodies.


I'm also a mom to a 4-year old and 6-year old!


Are you in?

The GGG workouts will be delivered to your email inbox via a PDF document within minutes of downloading your free guide. It's yours to keep!


I've crafted each circuit to get you powerful results, with minimal time required. Every exercise in each of the 4 circuits is linked to a video demo so you know exactly how to perform the movements I prescribe. 


You can be on your way to a better functioning CORE and feel a renewed sense of power in your body in minutes.

Have questions?

You want workouts that are intentionally designed for pregnancy, postpartum, and parents who have a FULL schedule, are short on time to exercise, and want to move your body more consistently. You want to (re)build muscular strength in the glutes (backside and hips) because you want to feel more comfort in your WHOLE body, and ditch the frustrating pregnancy and postpartum aches, pains, leaking, and pelvic floor pressure.

TOTALLY GET IT. Same! The workouts take 5 minutes. I know your schedule is packed. I want exercise to FIT INTO YOUR LIFE. These workouts do just that.

You'll be able to complete these workouts with minimal exercise equipment from home or the gym! You'll want a resistance band, a mini band, and a bench or chair.

ABSOLUTELY! Let's get you into the workouts now. The beauty of strength based exercises is that they are really accessible for pregnant bodies throughout ALL trimesters. That means, you'll find exercises that support a growing, shifting body, reduces the aches, and helps prepare you for postpartum. 

You bet! As long as you've had medical clearance from your doctor or birth provider, you can get started into the plan.


The workouts will help you build whole body strength and improve core and pelvic floor function. 

These exercises will likely challenge you in a different way than you're used to! These glute training exercises are unique in that your stability, balance, time under tension, and endurance will be tested. You can use these circuits as a workout warmup, or tack them onto the end of your regular workouts for an extra glute burn. 

These workouts are ones we use everyday with our clients who are managing and various core and pelvic floor variations!


And while the experience is different for everyone, the goal is always for our folks to be able to strength train and challenge themselves optimally, without ramping up, or worsening symptoms. 

Use the GLUTE GETTER GUIDE workouts to help you feel more comfort in your WHOLE body, and ditch the frustrating pregnancy and postpartum aches, pains, leaking, and pelvic floor pressure

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Glute Getter Guide