Swipe My 3-Step Proven Process To Coaching Your Clients To Improved Pelvic Floor Strength, Performance, & Symptoms

Stop Over-Prescribing Kegels And Instead Take A Modern Approach To Core & Pelvic Floor Coaching

Your work is more important than ever

What your clients have experienced in pregnancy, postpartum, and birth has impacted how they feel and FUNCTION in their pelvic floor during exercise, parenting, and their everyday life.

kegels might be doing more harm than good

YOU can be the one to help transform their relationship to their core and pelvic health. Quickly.  


Beyond the Kegel is a 75-Minute, FREE ON DEMAND CLASS for fitness and health professionals that teaches you a proven process to effectively support pre/postnatal clients in their core and pelvic health.


And, it's about FAR MORE than prescribing "kegels at every stop light", modifying ALL the exercises, closing an abdominal separation, or telling clients to stop running.



You'll walk away with upgraded coaching tools to use in your very next session - YOU IN?

"IS beyond the kegel for ME?"

Take this FREE CLASS if you are a:

Meet Your coach

Hey, I’m Jessie!

I'm a Kinesiologist and Fitness Coach for pregnant and postpartum folks. I’ve helped thousands of people receive the TLC they need after birth.

I’m focused on effective, enjoyable exercise during pregnancy and postpartum, core and pelvic floor health, vaginal and C-section birth recovery, and teaching moms and parents how to feel more confident and capable in their bodies.

I coach in an non-diet manner, believe Black Lives Matter, and stand with and support the 2SLGBTQ+ communities.

I’m also a mom to a 8 year old and a 5 year old!

with beyond the kegel you will:

“Everything else only focused on the body - the abs and the pelvic floor. I wanted someone to also recognize ME: a Queer woman, working with clients of diverse backgrounds."

– Wendy

“This workshop is excellent. I attend a lot of coaching seminars and this is extremely well thought-out. The way you teach is comforting and made me feel like I could do this work well, too."


Get the Education Your Certifications or Degree Didn't Give You!

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Beyond the Kegel (FREE CLASS) will teach you a proven process to coach your clients to improved pelvic floor strength, performance, and symptoms.

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