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55+ MUST-ASK Questions To Include In Your Onboarding Sessions with Pregnant & Postnatal Coaching Clients

This FREE, Downloadable Perinatal Consultation Form Will Give You The Information Necessary To Generate Better, Faster Results With Your Fitness and Health Clients

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Hi, friend!

I’m Jessie! I can't wait to send the Perinatal Client Consult Form straight to your inbox. 


I'm a Kinesiologist and Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Coach. I have a handful of degrees that have helped to make me a specialist in pregnancy and postpartum exercise, and I’ve helped thousands of parents receive the fitness TLC they deserve.


After 15 years of in-person and online coaching I'm well versed in how to ask effective questions of your clients and patients to get the information you NEED to best help them achieve their goals. 


And, I want to show you *exactly* what to ask AND save you a BOATLOAD of time trying to figure it out alone. 


You in? Let's do this!

ready to make an exceptional first impressioN?

You have the opportunity to build a trusting relationship with your client or patient from the very session together.


....Especially when you are dealing with sensitive topics like pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery.


Use the form in full, or swipe only the questions you need to strengthen your existing documents, in initial consultations with postpartum people and moms - for your use as a fitness instructor, exercise professional, coach, physical therapist, or any health or movement practitioner.




I'm certain there are many questions you're not yet asking, BUT NEED TO BE in order have a more holistic understanding of who your client is and what experiences they've been through. 

Creating a comprehensive onboarding process starts with the information you're gathering on the consultation form. Start strong.

It's a win-win, because it's 100% FREE to you right now!

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