Postnatal fitness specialist academy

Safely and Effectively Coach Postpartum People and Moms To Soaring Physical Strength, Improved Core and Pelvic Floor Function, & Greater Body Confidence

“I've learned that postpartum fitness is more than how to recover from pregnancy or how to heal a diastasis. Jessie challenged me to question things like 'pre-baby body' and losing the 'baby weight.' I can't recommend the Postnatal Fitness Specialist Academy enough!

Chrstine McDowell
Certified Postnatal Fitness Specialist

Welcome to a Postnatal Fitness and Pelvic Health Coaching Certification Unlike Any Other On The Market

PFSA is for existing (and aspiring) fitness and health practitioners who want to lead moms and parents in their return to exercise and quest for better core and pelvic health... without causing harm, injury, or disordered eating or exercise habits.  

pre-approved for the following continuing education credits:

1.9 credits

2.5 credits

4 credits

The only prerequisite for joining PFSA is a passion for supporting postnatal people in their fitness, pelvic health, and holistic well-being.

You in?

One Payment of

$1200 USD

4 Payments of

$325 USD

6 Payments of

$225 USD

If you're like most coaches trying to understand how to best train or treat postnatal clients, you've probably...

OOOF. I get it. And I used to feel this discomfort, too.

Because this is what it can be like to start coaching people post-pregnancy and with pelvic floor concerns without the comprehensive education YOU need to lead - what your certifications and degrees didn't teach you.

... without the guidance of what's REALLY working for postpartum folks, VS. what is just gimmicks, trends, and a waste of everyone's time.

And, listen - I know you (and your clients!) don't have time to waste.

With PFSA you'll learn how prioritize the big dial movers (and what to avoid) to elicit both physical progress and better body confidence in your postnatal clients or patients.

pfsa is specifically designed to help you:

It completely exceeded my expectations with the amount of knowledge she brought into the course. It really made me see things in a different way.  I really loved that I could go at my own pace.  I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who works with this population - you'll be glad you did it!"

Justine Veloza
Physical Therapist

Swipe and listen for kind words from our students!

PFSA Teaches You A New Style of Postnatal and Pelvic Health Coaching in 4 Main Pillars:


Understand post-pregnancy core and pelvic floor anatomy so you can help your clients achieve better whole body strength and function

Help your clients return to pain and symptom-free daily life tasks and the exercise or fitness activities they LOVE



Feel confident in modifying for core and pelvic floor symptoms such as diastasis recti, bulging, pressure, and leaking 

Coach, treat, and build a business rooted in your integrity with your anti-diet, size inclusive, and anti-racist values at the center


Meet Your Head Coach


Hi, I'm Jessie! I have over 15 years of experience in exercise coaching and personal training for people who are pregnant, newly postpartum, or years post-pregnancy.

I am a registered Professional Kinesiologist and hold a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology, with studies focused in prenatal and postnatal exercise.

I am the creator of Core + Floor Restore, To Pregnancy and Beyond, and Postnatal Fitness Specialist Academy programs, and co-host of the To Birth and Beyond podcast where I coach pregnant and postpartum people, women, moms, and fitness and health professionals on strength training and fitness during and after pregnancy.

I currently work with hundreds of clients and coaches around the world, guiding them through exercise in their pregnancies, postpartum recoveries, post C-section healing, and their return to more intense fitness training.

I'm also a mom to a 6-year old and a 3-year old.

Click the video to hear why PFSA was created...

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PFSA is for:

One Payment of

$1200 USD

4 Monthly Payments of

$325 USD

6 Payments of

$225 USD


In each module, you will learn from incredible postnatal, pelvic health and educators for the most well-versed skill-set.

Mandy Rempfer-Kuncio is passionate about the pelvis! Creator of the Birth Better Series for childbirth preparation and a highly sought after speaker, Mandy is a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist at her clinic, Nurture Her, and Birth Doula in Edmonton, AB.
Ericka Hart holds a Master’s of Education in Human Sexuality from Widener University. When she was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer in 2014 at 28 years old, she realized that neither her identity as a queer black woman,  nor her sex life as a survivor, was featured prominently in her  treatment. Hart’s work forces us to see our  systems of care as complicit in the perpetuation of illness and  contextualizes the experiences of marginalized community.
Dr. Uchenna “UC” Ossai is a sex-positive pelvic health physical therapist, sex educator and counselor, and is on faculty for the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Sexual Health Certificate Program. UC is only one of three licensed Physical Therapists in the world with an AASECT certification in sexuality counseling; as well as the only Black Physical Therapist with this specific designation.

Reena Parekh is a Fitness Coach located in Toronto She is a prenatal and postnatal exercise specialist and helps people regain their strength after giving birth. Reena is also passionate about helping fitness and health professionals make their spaces more welcoming and equitable to BIPOC folks. 

Heba Shaheed is a Sydney, Australia based women’s health coach and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, and the founder of, The Pelvic Expert. Heba teaches about prolapse, incontinence, anal sphincter injuries, and sexual pain. She is passionate about endometriosis, PCOS, and sexual health.  Heba teaches women’s health physiotherapy internationally and is a TED-Ed Educator in pelvic health.
Chrissy King is a writer, speaker, strength coach, and self-proclaimed truth teller with a passion for intersectional feminism and creating a diverse and inclusive wellness industry. She has been featured in SELF, BuzzFeed, Muscle and Fitness, and Livestrong, among others.She empowers women to stop shrinking, start taking up space, and use their energy to create their specific magic in the world. When she’s not serving her clients by empowering them to create stress-free and sustainable lifestyles and feel confident and empowered in their skin, she spends her time lifting all the weights, reading, traveling, and hanging with friends and family.
Anita is a Pelvic Health and Orthopaedic Physiotherapist in Peterborough, ON with a focus on prenatal and postpartum care, as well as a Certified Pilates Instructor. Her practice, Holistic Health Physiotherapy, is focused on guiding women to prevent and heal physical ailments that are common, but shouldn’t be considered their ‘new normal’.

Rachel Turner is a business mentor for creatives and misfits who are craving business being done their way. She helps people sell out their offers without selling themselves out. Rachel takes a Human First approach to business and leadership. 

Amanda Fisher, DPT, is a pelvic floor physical therapist and owner of her physical therapy practice, Empower Your Pelvis, in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. She has a true passion for pelvic health and wanting to spread the knowledge to so many women, including mothers and women wanting to get pregnant. She has a heart for helping C-section moms improve their scar tissue mobility, body mechanics and much more to improve their pelvic symptoms, as well.
Antony Lo, The Physio Detective, is an APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist who works in a niche area involving women’s health, musculoskeletal and sports problems. He has a keen interest in antenatal and postnatal care and has a passion for seeing women exercise as safely but intensely as possible in whatever sport and exercise they want to do.
Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN is a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified intuitive eating counselor based in Brooklyn, NY. She offers online courses and private intuitive eating coaching to help people all over the world make peace with food and their bodies. Since 2013 Christy has hosted Food Psych, a podcast exploring people’s relationships with food and paths to body acceptance. It is now one of iTunes’ top 100 health podcasts, reaching tens of thousands of listeners worldwide each week.
Lori Forner has degrees in Human Movements and Physiotherapy. After working for years in musculoskeletal private practice clinics in Canada and Australia as a physiotherapist and pilates instructor, Lori found her passion in helping women with pelvic floor pain and dysfunction.Her clinical interest is in treating complex chronic pelvic patients. Lori is an active board member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s Continence and Women’s Health committee, a member of the Women’s Health Training Associates, provides lectures for allied health professionals, and educates the community on pelvic health.Lori hosts the Pelvic Health Podcast, a fantastic resource for fitness and health professionals.

Tara Abel is a Certified Personal Trainer, Pre/Postnatal Fitness Speciailist, and Mom to 4 wild and sweet kids! She helps moms feel strong, capable, and free in their bodies and lives. 

Tara is the Co-Coach of the Group Mentorship Track! 

Rishma Walji is a Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist and PhD. She has been working in clinical practice for over 16 years. Dr. Rishma has a unique balance of scientific, evidence-based knowledge and natural, holistic healing experience. What she’s learned is that there are options. There are steps you can take, once you learn how things work. Dr. Rishma helps families of all kinds along their journey to parenthood, through fertility, pregnancy and post-partum recovery. She has dedicated her career to teaching people to understand their bodies and their physiology, empowering them to manage the things that are in their control and ultimately achieving lasting results.

Inemesit Graham is a fitness trainer and Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach. Her own journey with hernias and diastasis recti led her to find strength training and coaching. Inemesit is passionate about helping women feel in their power, in their bodies.

Robin graduated as a physiotherapist from Sydney University in 1985. She has worked extensively in lumbo-pelvic mechanics, athletics, and pain science education. Robin is also a Pilates instructor, Barefoot Training Specialist and Level 2 Institute of Motion Coach.
Munira Hudani is a highly sought-after physiotherapist in Toronto, Canada, who helps women recover from pelvic floor and core dysfunction. She is passionate about pre-natal and post-partum care and supports new moms in regaining bladder control, rebuilding core strength, and renewing confidence in their bodies. Munira holds a position in the teaching faculty at Canada’s leading educational body for pelvic floor dysfunction, Pelvic Health Solutions.

Janette is a perinatal therapist based in Toronto. Over her 17-year career as an Athletic and Massage Therapist she has worked with amateur and elite athletes. She says the toughest athletes by far are her moms!

Topsie VandenBosch, LMSW, is a Mindset Coach for female entrepreneurs. She empowers rising female bosses in discovering freedom from negative thoughts and beliefs that prevent them from performing at their highest level at work and in their personal lives. In her second business, she has been a mental health therapist for the past 7 years, and owns a private practice on the west side of Michigan.
Sonja is a classical Pilates instructor, as well as certified in TRX training and Kettlebell instruction. Sonja’s clients range from current and former athletes to recreational exercisers. She is also the founder/creator of Black Girl Pilates which is a platform highlighting and supporting Black/Afro Latina Pilates instructors.
Gayle Hulme is a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist. She treats urinary and fecal incontinence, prolapse, dyspareunia, and other  pelvic pain.  She is a certified practitioner of  Rost Therapy and Hypopressive Low Pressure Fitness™. Gayle treats patients at her clinic, Lakeview Physiotherapy & Acupuncture, in Calgary, AB.
Felicia Chanell Brown is a Certified Digital Marketer and Brand Vibe Strategist™ of Swanked Creative. She is also the co-creator of Magnetic Memberships, equipping online entrepreneurs with a fascinating membership site that commands attention and cultivates a raving community of brand advocates.
Shannon Kane is an EMDR therapist and holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and  has been a registered Social Worker since 2004. She has additional training in birth trauma counselling, postpartum depression, mindful motherhood, trauma work, and perinatal mental health. Her passion is to work in the areas of prenatal and postnatal mental health, birth trauma and birth story work.
Aditi Loveridge is the founder of The Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Centre, which is a Registered Charity in Calgary, Alberta, Canada whose mission is to connect people who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss to comprehensive and inclusive support offerings through each phase of the journey.Aditi has always been extremely passionate about supporting and connecting women. Her work as a previous social worker has provided her with an in depth understanding of how a woman’s past and present experience shape who she is, the choices she is presented with, and the decisions she makes.



Foundational Knowledge on the Core, Pelvic Floor, Postpartum Bodies and Health

Topics include: information related to pelvic health after birth, postnatal client consultations, activity in weeks 0-3 postpartum, and the politics of healthcare.


The Pelvic Floor – Function, Dysfunction, and Exercise with Mandy Rempfer-Kuncio

Decolonizing Health with Ericka Hart

Initial Client Consultation with Jessie Mundell


Pelvic Floor Function and the Relationship to Exercise Coaching

Topics include: assessing diastasis recti, considerations for using  abdominal/pelvic compression post-pregnancy, effective progamming for pelvic organ prolapse, overview of activity from weeks 4-6 postpartum.


Pelvic Floor Symptoms and Considerations for Exercise Coaching  with Gayle Hulme

Considerations for Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Organ Prolapse in Exercise with Anita Lambert

Considerations for Coaching Abdominal Crunches with Jessie Mundell


Understanding, Assessing For, and Exercising with Diastasis Recti

Topics include: using movement and exercise to help promote healing or managemnet of diastasis recti, modifying for diastasis in exercise and fitness, assessing for diastasis.

Diastasis Recti 101 with Munira Hudani

Assessing for Diastasis Recti in Exericse with Jessie Mundell

Assessing for Diastasis Recti on a Client with Jessie Mundell


Pelvic Health and Healing after Vaginal and Cesarean Births

Topics include: healing perineal tearing, scar massage techniques, movement and exercises for returning to function post c-section, how to begin workouts after a cesarean, example exercise photos and videos, overview of activity from weeks 10-12 postpartum.

EXAMPLE SESSIONS: Perineal Tearing, Episiotomies, and Pelvic Health After a Vaginal Birth with Heba Shaheed

C-Section Scar Education and Massage Techniques with Amanda Fisher and Jessie Mundell

4 Relaxation Exercises for the Pelvic Floor with Jessie Mundell


Body Image, Mental and Emotional Health

Topics include: understanding the mental and emotional shifts mothers can experience, including postpartum depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and rage. Supporting your clients and patients in pregnancy and infant loss, body image, diet culture and (the lack of) representation in the fitness industry.


How to Support Our Clients in Postpartum Mental Health with Shannon Kane

Understanding Body Image, Liberation, Positivity and Autonomy with Chrissy King

Taking an Anti-Diet Approach to Exercise and Health Coaching with Christy Harrison


Fitness, Strength, and Exercise Coaching

Topics include: 6-months of strength training workout templates, progression systems for exercises, movement categories with hundreds of specific exercise examples, suggestions for fitness coaching protocols through months 0-6 postpartum.


Postnatal Program Design with Jessie Mundell

Cesarean Birth Core Recovery with Janette Yee

Progression Through Movements with Jessie Mundell

Workout Warmup Example with Jessie Mundell

How to Adjust for Pelvic Floor Symptoms with Jessie Mundell

Using the Glutes Effectively with Jessie Mundell


High Intensity, High Impact, and Return to Running Coaching

Topics include: understanding the factors important in coaching a female athlete, how to help female athletes return to the level of athletics or competition they are desiring, strength training programming recommendations from Months 6-12+ postpartum.

Empowering Moms in Exercise, Crossfit, and Pelvic Health with Antony Lo

Making Adjustments When Your Clients Experience Pelvic Floor Symptoms with Reena Parekh

Conditioning Based Workouts with Jessie Mundell

High Impact Exercise Strategies with Jessie Mundell

Swagger Instruction Video with Robin Kerr


Postpartum Sexual and Bowel Health

Topics include: understanding the pelvic floor’s role in sexual function and pleasure, postpartum discomfort and pain with intercourse, hemorrhoids, constipation, incontinence. 

Introduction to Sexual Health, Pain, and Pleasure with Tracy Sher

Incontinence, Hemmorrhoids, Constipation and More with Lori Forner

Postpartum Relationships and Sexuality with Dr. Uchenna Ossai


Nourishing the Postpartum Person

Topics include: understanding postpartum hormone function, basic nutrition for maternal health support, grief and loss, yoga and the postpartum core and pelvic floor.

Postpartum Health and Hormones with Dr. Rishma Walji

Supporting Your Clients and Patients Through Pregnancy and Infant Loss with Aditi Loveridge


Build Your Business and Your Impact (+ Final Exam!)

Topics include: tools for building your in-person and/or online business, email marketing, mindset training, course creation, Academy student spotlights, and the final exam.


Business Mindset Intensive with Topsie Vandenbosch

Human First Business Practices and Selling with Rachel Turner

Online Course Creation, Automations and Email Marketing with Felicia Chanell

Using Instagram to Build Relationships with Jessie 


One Payment of

$1200 USD

4 Payments of

$325 USD

6 Payments of

$225 USD

pre-approved for the following continuing education credits:

1.9 credits

2.5 credits

4 credits

“It was laid out beautifully. It was like plug and play. You made it so simple to implement. That was a driving force behind it all, too. I felt like I could do this. You make it so simple and easy that I felt confident in launching our programs.”

Rikki Cortese
Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer and Group Instructor

“The courses I had done to that point felt like I was jumping through a hoop. Jessie’s course felt like she was reaching out to help me to help enrich and develop me as a professional and help me feel more competent working with a population that deserves to be honored, recognized and approached competently.”

Amy Cooper
Perinatal Fitness Trainer

BONUSES! A Done-For-You Template to Host Your Own PAID "Return to Postpartum Exercise" Workshop

This is a template for hosting a structured, 2-hour long workshop where you can teach the basics of how to returning to exercise post-pregnancy.


You will get access to our PRIVATE PODCAST for Academy members only, so you can listen to an all-audio version of the course.

Meaning, you don't have to be at your computer to learn and complete the materials. Listen on the go - yes, please!

"what happens after i join?"

“I found the Academy incredibly beneficial as I work with a lot of people who have had children. It allowed me to increase my awareness of what to avoid and what to focus on for people who are postnatal. With my partner due any day now, I feel more confident that I will be able to help her."

Certified Personal Trainer
“After taking the certification, I felt confident and ready to coach postnatal women. As a Postnatal Specialist, you learn how to guide women past fear and to meet each woman where she’s at. Jessie’s teaching style makes multifaceted and complex topics easy to understand and applicable for anyone working with postpartum women.”
Tara Abel
Trainer, Postnatal Fitness Specialist Academy Co-Coach

BONUSES! The How-To-Guide to Start And Sell Out Your Own Postnatal Fitness Group Classes

This done-for-you, 8-week group fitness class plan will help you start generating revenue, PRONTO.


You probably have questions. Here are all the answers.

PFSA is for fitness and health professionals who want to take action on becoming stronger, more effective coaches and clinicians for their postpartum clients and patients. Join if you’re a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, physiotherapist, physical therapist, chiropractor, Naturopathic Doctor, Athletic Therapist or anyone who works with / WANTS to work with postpartum folks.

Yes! This information is key and necessary when working in fitness and pelvic health for all postpartum people, regardless of the age of children or how long it has been since pregnancy. We consider postpartum to be forever, not just 3, 6, or 12 months after birth. There are considerations you may need to take into account when coaching postpartum folks of any stage for their diastasis recti, incontinence, breathing techniques, pelvic organ prolapse, and more.

Absolutely. Anyone looking to gain more in-depth knowledge of postpartum recovery and return to fitness is welcome and ENCOURAGED to take the course. Moms, physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, rehab providers, body workers, barre instructors, yoga teachers – you are already working with postpartum people!

YES. Even if you work with a different variety of clients, athletes, seniors... EVERYONE you coach has a pelvic floor! 

Plus, if you work with folks who have EVER been pregnant or given birth - even if it was decades ago - they are still postpartum. And, they still may be struggling with physical symptoms years later that YOU can now help them adjust!

Ahhhh, I get it! This is exactly how I felt before I starting working with postpartum people, too. The thing is, it is a massive responsibility to train and treat postnatal people well. And you CAN do - effectively and with excellent results. 

But, you need the evidence based education and skills to do so. I'm going to teach you what to absolutely include AND what to avoid in the PFSA.

You definitely will! If you’ve been in this game long enough then I know you value continuing education. I’ve been coaching postpartum clients for 15+ years and I’m pushed by my mentors to uplevel my skills constantly. I’d love to give you some nudges - and learn alongside you!

Each Module has approximately 3 hours of studying time. There are 11 total Modules (Prerequisites + 10 Modules). You have TWO YEARS access to the course and ALL updates made to it in that time, so you’re welcome to go at your own pace to learn in the manner that is most effective for you. 

Some people complete the PFSA certification by going through one Module per week, while others do one Module per month.

The timeline is all yours! 

Yes! NASM, ACE, and Can-Fit-Pro have awarded continuing education credits for the Postnatal Fitness Specialist Academy. If you are certified through a different organization, you will receive a certificate of completion upon successful passing of the final exam, which you can submit to your governing body for review to be awarded continuing education credits. 

If you need any additional help with this process, we'll be happy to give further information.

Yes! An instalment plan with 4-monthly AND 6-monthly payments is available. Please note that all Canadians using the payment plans MUST pay via Stripe rather than PayPal (hello, CRA!).   

PLEASE NOTE: There is a 14-Day refund policy. If you request a refund, we will check in with you to see if there is anyway we can best support you - as that's what we're here to do and truly want you to succeed with it! But, if we cannot resolve the issue, we'll happily provide the refund.

- Coach a postpartum person back to exercise and better core and pelvic floor health after pregnancy with CONFIDENCE 

- Understand how to assess and progress a client with Diastasis Recti 

- Know how to modify workouts for someone with pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, or pelvic pain

- Get comfortable progressing a client back to high intensity exercise, running, and high impact work 

- Know how to program effective strength training workouts for early or later postpartum patients

One Payment of

$1200 USD

4 Payments of

$325 USD

6 Payments of

$225 USD

"This course gave me deep knowledge to coach postnatal women. Jessie covers every aspect of postpartum challenges of fitness, health, and mindset with expert interviews, lots of educational material, and templates. After you take this course, you will be 100% confident to work with postpartum people without hesitation or fear.”

Nuha Hamdan
Postnatal Fitness Coach

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