8-Weeks to Powerful, Leak-Free Running In Only 2 Runs Per Week

are you Ready? Get set!

You have the ability to run with strength, quickness, and comfort in your post-pregnancy body with this 8-week training plan.

It can really suck when:

And, I'm here to help.
Say hello to... Ready: Get Set!

An 8-week postnatal running program for moms and parents with full schedules, that you'll complete in less than one hour PER WEEK.

IS TO ready, get set FOR ME?

Ready, Get Set can be used:

Meet Your coach

Hi, I'm Jessie Mundell! I help postpartum people and moms achieve ease with exercise, stronger bodies, and reduce their pain and pelvic floor symptoms.

I've supported thousands of parents return to the workouts and types of exercise they LOVE, including strength training, running, and sprinting. 

I am a fitness coach, Registered Kinesiologist, and hold a Master's degree in Human Kinetics, focused in prenatal and postnatal exercise. 

I am thrilled to help you challenge yourself in a way that helps you to feel well, capable, and gives you glimpses of your athletic self again - or for the very first time.  

Learn how to run freely, quickly, and without FUSSING over your core and pelvic floor.

Imagine being able to achieve this in 8 weeks with a proven plan.

In 8 weeks Ready, Get Set can help you feel:

Ready, Get set: 8 week running program


All prices are listed in USD.

Are You in?

You will receive your Ready, Get Set program in your inbox, within the hour from your registration. You can start immediately, or save it for later.

BONUS: Sunday Run Club, Live! 

Every Sunday from September 19th - November 7th join the Run Club Live session. 

You'll meet online via Zoom with one of the RGS coaches (either Jessie Mundell or Tara Abel) who will lead you through a 5-minute running warmup, give you key run reminders, core and pelvic floor coaching before all group members head off to do their run. 

Meet back online for the coach led 5-minute cooldown, then have the opportunity to ask questions, share successes, or get feedback on any symptoms you may have experienced while running. 

{BONUS} All members get access to a private podcast where you get audio coaching of all run sessions from me!

Put your headphones on and get coached through your run. When things get tough, I'll be there to gently help you across the finish line of your run workout.

I want to help you get back to running in a way that works with your body and life RIGHT NOW.

Join us in Ready, Get Set and feel a sense of power in your body that you've been longing for.

Ready, Get set: 8 week running program


All prices are listed in USD.

“Loving the sprinting! I don't have much time to get out for long runs these days with 3 kids, but I love to feel like I got a great workout done in under 20 minutes!”


“I’m 15 weeks postpartum and a really rough pregnancy so I’ve lost a lot of strength and conditioning. This was perfect for my current stage.”



The workouts will take between 15-30 minutes, including your warm-up, run time, and cool-down. There are 2 runs scheduled per week. This will take you less than one hour per week.

You will not need any special equipment for the running sessions. A mini band will be helpful for a few of the warmup exercises.

Every body will respond differently to running and exercise! I have coached hundreds of postpartum people and moms who experience incontinence, leaking, diastasis recti, and pelvic organ prolapse to return to running in a way that feels great on their bodies. I'd love to test this with you, too!

I recommend being at least 12 weeks postpartum or post pelvic surgery before participating in a run training program, specifically that involves sprinting - as Ready, Get Set does!

That said, if you have been doing core recovery exercises and want to start by following it as a walking interval plan, you may be able to start earlier.

This is not your "typical" running program. We are not training for a 5k or half-marathon with this. The focus of Ready, Get Set is to push your pace and build your physical power. These running workouts are going to challenge you, get you breathless, and have built in recovery periods. 

If you’re looking for workouts that leave you feeling wrecked and unbearably sore for days, these aren’t it.

You bet! You can do the program from anywhere where running is accessible for you.

Due to the delivery of the program - PDF downloads with the whole program delivered at purchase - there are NO REFUNDS. Please purchase responsibly and ask us questions in advance if you're not sure the program is correct for you!

If you have any questions, please email us at: INFO@JMGFITNESSCONSULTING.COM

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