Non-Diet Strength And Pelvic Floor Exercise Plan Tailored For Pregnancy, Postpartum & Perimenopause

"I finally feel ready to pick movement up again without the goal of altering my body. I couldn't think of anyone better to work with than you. You've had such a profound impact on my mental health and the way I feel about my body."

Kristen H. (Mom of two)

You Might Be...

Join Us In TPAB For A Body Inclusive, Pre/Postnatal & Perimenopause Focused Program To Reconnect With Yourself, While Strengthening Your Whole Body & Core

Deep breath, you.

Yes, pregnancy and parenthood are so challenging. Full stop. 

It is also a transformational experience, and guess what? YOU MATTER in all of this.

And that's why I'm here to help, my friend. 

If you've ever found yourself ready to get moving your body with more consistency and (RE)building your strength and fitness, but feel STUCK on knowing how to even start, what do, or what is safe --- I've got you! 

I've put together an evidence based, wildly effective, ENJOYABLE, and simple-to-follow workout plan with To Pregnancy And Beyond. 

You get to have a fitness plan and support network that helps ease your worries and prioritizes your care.


In your wildest dreams, you would have someone who is there FOR YOU, to show you CARE and SUPPORT, so you can do the same for yourself.

Yes, "balancing" all of the demands of parenthood and LIFE can feel outrageous. But that dream you have? That your care MATTERS in this?

It is possible AND necessary, especially with the help of To Pregnancy and Beyond.



The Pre/Postnatal & Perimenopause Program For Reconnecting with YOURSELF, While Strengthening Your Body & Pelvic Floor

Here's What You'll See:


Most Cost Effective - Workout Program ONLY

  • 6 MONTH Progressive Workout Plan: specific to your time point in pregnancy, postpartum, or into perimenopause & your fitness level / experience (updates every 4 weeks)
  • Strength, Pelvic Health & Cardiovascular Focused Program: you'll have access to 3 full-body and pelvic floor strength workouts, PLUS 1 cardiovascular workout (sessions take 20-30 minutes)
  • Your workout plan is delivered via a free app, called True Coach, available via mobile and desktop: see all aspects of your plan, including prescribed exercises, demo videos, reps, sets, and written cues for each movement
  • Private Facebook Group: Access to an active, small group community with other like-minded members for care, connection, and support
  • PAY-IN-FULL: $234 USD (save 20% when you pay-in-full: payment plan available of $49/mo)
  • BONUS: Free Superband to kickstart your workout plan, shipped to your door! (value of $30)


Workout Program, Accountability & Coach Access
  • 6-MONTH Progressive Workout Plan: specific to your time point in pregnancy, postpartum, or perimenopause & your fitness experience / level (program updates every 4 weeks)
  • Strength, Pelvic Health & Cardiovascular Focused Program: you'll have access to 3 full-body and pelvic floor strength focused workouts, PLUS 1 cardiovascular workout (sessions take 20-30 minutes)
  • Access to TPAB Coaches in the mobile app and members-only Facebook group, for video feedback and written guidance
  • Feedback and "WAY TO GO!" messages on every workout you hit complete on in the app from your Coaches, modifications given, pelvic floor strategies ++ (WEEKLY check-ins in the app)
  • MONTHLY Live Coach-Led Workout: Every month we meet for a live, online group workout led by Jessie
  • Private Facebook Group Community with Members and TPAB Coaches for gentle accountability check-ins and other folks walking similar paths as you (a LIFELINE for our members)
  • Access to Private Members Site for PDF versions of your monthly workout plan, Live Workout Recordings, Core and Pelvic Floor Video Tutorials, 8-Week Postpartum Running Program, and More!
  • PAY-IN-FULL: $799 USD (save $100 when you pay-in-full, payment plan available of $149/mo)
  • BONUSE: Free Superband to kickstart your workout plan, shipped to your door! (value of $30)

Plus, these bonuses!

After I sign up, what’s next?


You will be directed to a enrollment form where we will get information from you regarding: your pregnancy phase, how long postpartum you are, or where you are in your perimenopause journey.


You will receive a follow-up email so with directions on what to expect next (e.g. App access, FB group invite, etc) and instructions on what exercise equipment you'll want to have


You will get invited and access to the private members-only Facebook group: this is where the coaching and community magic happens! 


Within 24 hours after we receive your enrolment form back, you will receive your login details to our members-only mobile workout app, True Coach where you'll view your first month's workout plan.


1 - PREnatal TRACK

For the pregnant person who wants to do effective and appropriately challenging, that is specifically designed to support the body’s changes of pregnancy. 

We work together to keep you moving, strong, comfortable and preparing for a healthy postpartum recovery. 

You can move directly into the Postnatal Track, to recover from pregnancy, birth, and return to exercise!

2 - postnatal TRACK

For newly & many years into postpartum folks who want to recover and restrengthen their body after a pregnancy, loss, or birth.

Appropriate for those with diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, and other pelvic health concerns. 

3 - peri/menopause TRACK

For those who are preparing for or in perimenopause (or post-menopausal) and want to get the most out of their workouts, efficiently - because you have no time to waste and your body has changed AGAIN! 

Appropriate for those with core or pelvic floor concerns, in midlife, and those with little or a lot of exercise experience.

I want to help you feel like a RENEWED VERSION Of YOU AGAIN.

I am here to help you HEAL AND THRIVE in your body and your life. I want to help give you the permission and energy you need to take care of YOU.

Join us in To Pregnancy and Beyond, be in community and be CARED FOR.

Head Coach, Jessie Mundell

I’m Jessie (she/her/hers)! Your fitness, body image, and pelvic health guide – and the start of your support system at To Pregnancy and Beyond.

I have a handful of degrees that have helped to make me a specialist in prenatal and postnatal exercise, and I’ve helped thousands of parents receive the fitness TLC they deserve.

I am focused on effective exercise during pregnancy and postpartum, rehab of the core and pelvic floor, postpartum and C-section recovery, teaching people how to exercise in a way that feels truly good, and helping folks feel capable in their bodies.

I have been coaching perinatal folks for 16+ years and counting. It's such an honour to do so and I take great responsibility in it.

I am also a mom to a 8 year old and 5 year old. 

What is our style of fitness coaching?

To Pregnancy and Beyond is non-diet and weight neutral focused. All bodies are welcome, worthy, and respected. 

NO diet plans or weight loss discussions, please.

Here, we are getting closer to a full tank of energy, a confident body mindset, and workouts that leave you feeling powerful & strong. A physical power and strength that translates to the rest of your life.

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HERE IT IS, friend:

I am WITH YOU in this, and so are our To Pregnancy and Beyond members. I am committed to your success.

You've spent enough time THINKING about getting started. 

 You've been Googling, saving every workout you see on Instagram, buying DIY fitness plans (...that have never been looked at again).

 If you get really honest with yourself you know that you don't need MORE AND MORE options.

You know your next best move is to GET TO IT, GET STARTED, and PRACTICE committing to a program -- over time.



I do NOT want this to be a workout plan that you buy and never open again.

 I also ask for YOUR commitment to the plan. This doesn't mean doing the plan "perfectly". In fact, you'll likely miss some, or weeks of workouts - it comes with the territory of a FULL life!

 But, the "all-or-nothing" approach to exercise is just NOT working for you. It is keeping you stuck, feeling unsuccessful at working out. You recognize that building a habit of regular exercise is a long-game. 

You're here for it.

 A more flexible, yet structured workout plan that is intentionally designed for the demands of pregnancy, postpartum, parenthood, and midlife is here waiting for you.


Your care matters.

SIGN UP FOR your care

Ready to reconnect with your body and feel confident, strong, and capable? 

Sign up for To Pregnancy and Beyond and start feeling like a renewed version of YOU again!

You have a BIG life. 

From sun up to sun down your days are filled with shuttling kids to school and daycare, packing lunches, running errands, family activities, household management, professional obligations and MORE. 

And yet, you want to give YOURSELF even a slice of the care that you so generously extend to your partner, kids, friends, and family. 


In fact, you know you MUST if you want to feel like more than just a shell of your former self. 

YOU WANT MORE. You're claiming it for yourself. Here and now. You want to feel energized, reignited, and truly well - for the first time in oh so long. 

And you know that regularly moving your body and building physical STRENGTH and improved conditioning is a key step in this plan. 


Exercise has fallen by the wayside in recent years and you're ready to recommit to giving yourself and your body the consistent care it wants to be well, with a plan that you can ACTUALLY execute in a packed schedule.

But mostly? You want a fitness plan that doesn't invoke body shame or restriction. You've done that. You've tried to shrink yourself - in ALL THE WAYS - and you're over it. 

You want a workout plan that helps remind you of your power and your inherent worthiness - in this exact body size and composition RIGHT NOW.  

2 Tiers To Choose From:

“Yesterday I did the first part of my workout with my son and the second part while I was cooking dinner. So grateful to have these workouts ready to go when I need them. Otherwise I don't know what I would do if I had to write my own workout!"

Chrstine McDowell
Mom of Two

Have questions?

People of all genders (except cis-men) who are in any stage of pregnancy, postpartum, or parenthood. You are DONE with the "all or nothing" mindset approach to exercise, eating, and your body image. You want to approach exercise with flexibility, YET with some structure in place. 

 You don't want to force yourself into an overly intense workout plan or use exercise to punish yourself. Instead, you want to move your body with that knowing that it helps you to feel your very best - physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

TOTALLY GET IT. Same! The workouts take between 20-30 minutes: from set-up, to warmup, to workout completion, and cooldown. 

I know your schedule is packed. I want exercise to FIT INTO YOUR LIFE. These workouts do just that.

No problem! The truth is that you likely WILL miss a workout. That's what happens when you're living a full life. 

Instead of beating yourself up about it or ghosting the program, I simply want you to get back into the plan as soon as you're able to. No stress - simply get right back to where you left off. 

ABSOLUTELY. The workouts are pre-scheduled on certain days, but you can choose to do them whenever fits best into your schedule!

You'll be able to complete these workouts with minimal exercise equipment from home or the gym! You'll want 1-2 resistance bands (lighter and heavier resistance), 1-2 mini bands (or hip cirles), and 2-3 sets of dumbbells (10-50 pounds, depending on your lifting experience).

If you are working out from a commercial gym, you should have all you need there!

ABSOLUTELY! Let's get you into the program now.


The beauty of how our strength based workouts are designed is that they are INTENTIONALLY designed for how a pregnant body changes throughout the trimesters. That means, you'll find a workout plan that supports a growing, shifting body and understands what it needs to feel supported, reduce the aches, and prepare for postpartum. 

You bet! As long as you've had medical clearance from your doctor or birth provider, you can get started into the plan. 


The workouts will smartly progress you over time from healing and recovery, into building strength, endurance, and improved core and pelvic floor function. 

Many To Pregnancy and Beyond members are currently managing and various core and pelvic floor variations!


And while the experience is different for everyone, the goal is always for our folks to be able to strength train and challenge themselves optimally, without ramping up, or worsening symptoms. 


The beauty of To Pregnancy and Beyond is that we can have constant communication in the private Facebook coaching group and True Coach to modify for your body and needs, too. We can do extensive coaching to help you navigate any core or pelvic floor symptoms or concerns!

Of course! Our members have children who are 3, 5, 10, 15+ years old. 

The TPAB workouts will give you a strength and fitness building workout plan that supports your body and your life in EVERY phase and stage.

Please send us a note to: [email protected]

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