3 Workouts a Week For a Stronger Body Through Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Parenthood

Online fitness coaching to help you feel capable in this newest version of your body as you navigate a time of change.

You might be feeling far from blissed out, aren’t you?

Maybe you feel like...

Deep breath, you.

Yes, pregnancy and parenthood are so challenging. Full stop. It is also a transformational experience, and guess what? YOU MATTER in all of this.

And, YOU get to have a fitness plan and support network that helps ease your worries.


In your wildest dreams, you would have someone who is there FOR YOU, to show you CARE and SUPPORT, so you can do the same for yourself.

Yes, "balancing" all of the demands of parenthood can feel outrageous. But that dream you have? That your care MATTERS in this?

It is possible AND necessary, especially with the help of To Pregnancy and Beyond.


Fitness coaching for...

It's a fit? Choose your program level:


For Self-Starters Who Want a Monthly Workout Plan ONLY
$ 39 Monthly
  • New workout program every 4 weeks (3 strength training + 1 interval training workout per week)
  • Intentionally designed, 20-30 minute workouts specific to the pregnancy, postnatal, or parenthood stage you're in
  • Workouts delivered via FREE desktop and mobile app to easily and quickly view your program
  • Watch exercise demo videos, read the cues for each movement, hit "complete" on your workout, and prepare for the week ahead!
  • NOTE: There is NO COACHING or community access included in the Foundations level


For Exercisers Who Want a Monthly Workout Plan, PLUS Coaching and Community
$ 129 Monthly
  • Everything included in Foundations,PLUS...
  • Direct and UNLIMITED ACCESS to your TPAB Coaches in the mobile app and members-only Facebook group, for video feedback and written guidance
  • Feedback and "WAY TO GO!" messages on every workout you hit complete on in the app from your Coaches
  • Monthly Live Coach-Led Workout: Every month (and often more with bonus pop-up workouts!) we meet for a live, online group workout that is led by our TPAB Coaches
  • Private Facebook Group Community with Members and TPAB Coaches for gentle accountability check-ins and other folks walking similar paths as you (a LIFELINE for our members)
  • Access to Private Members Site for PDF versions of your monthly workout plan, Live Workout Recordings, Core and Pelvic Floor Video Tutorials, 8-Week Postpartum Running Program, and More!


For Those Who Want a Monthly Workout Plan, PLUS Additional 1:1 Coaching and Customized Program Adjustments
$ 349 Monthly
  • EVERYTHING included in All In,PLUS...
  • Monthly 1:1, 30-Minute Video Strategy Sessions with your coach to discuss your progress, demo exercise technique, strategize on any aches or pelvic floor symptoms, talk body image - whatever you need!
  • Based on your Monthly Strategy Session with your TPAB Coach, personalized adjustments or exercise additions to your workout plan will be made in True Coach where applicable
  • Voxer access with your coach for quick audio and text messaging during business hours M-F!
  • Get the most from your investment by working closely with a coach and a tailored-to-you program
  • VERY LIMITED spaces available for Custom clients

Plus, these bonuses for All In and Custom members!

After I sign up, what’s next?


You will be directed to a consultation form where we will get information from you regarding: your pregnancy phase, how long postpartum you are, or where you are in your parenthood journey.


You will receive your private members site login details to view your first 4-week workout plan (for All in and Custom members) and the additional coaching tutorials, core + pelvic floor education, and onboarding materials. 


You will get invited and access to the private members-only Facebook group (for All In and Custom members): this is where the coaching and community magic happens! Ask for modifications, get feedback on your exercise technique, and connect with the community.


You will receive your login details to our members-only mobile workout app, True Coach (for all levels) where you’ll easily view each workout and video demos on your monthly plan. Direct messaging with your TPAB coaches happens here, too!

JOIN in pregnancy

For the pregnant person who wants to do effective and appropriately challenging, that is specifically designed to support the body’s changes of pregnancy. 

We work together to keep you moving, strong, comfortable and preparing for a healthy postpartum recovery.

You'll start in the Prenatal Track - for any stage of pregnancy. The workouts specifically fit the phase of pregnancy you are in. 

JOIN early postnatal

For newly postpartum folks who want to recover and restrengthen their body after a pregnancy, loss, or birth.

Appropriate for those with diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, and other pelvic health concerns.

You'll start in the Postnatal Track - progressing you through a new workout plan every 4-weeks, ongoing. 

JOIN AS a parent

For those who are months to YEARS post-pregnancy and want to get the most out of their workouts, efficiently - because you have no time to waste! 

Appropriate for those with core or pelvic floor concerns, and those with little or a lot of exercise experience.

You'll start in the Postnatal Track. We have had members working out with us for 6.5+ years now, through the Postnatal Track!

I want to help you feel like a RENEWED VERSION Of YOU AGAIN.

I am here to help you HEAL AND THRIVE in your body and your life. I want to help give you the confidence and energy you need to take care of YOU.

Join us in To Pregnancy and Beyond, be in community and be CARED FOR.

Hi, friend!

I’m Jessie! Your fitness, body image, and pelvic health guide – and the start of your support system at To Pregnancy and Beyond.

I have a handful of degrees that have helped to make me a specialist in prenatal and postnatal exercise, and I’ve helped thousands of parents receive the fitness TLC they deserve.

I am focused on effective exercise during pregnancy and postpartum, rehab of the core and pelvic floor, postpartum and C-section recovery, teaching people how to exercise in a way that feels truly good, and helping folks feel capable in their bodies.

What is my style of fitness coaching?

To Pregnancy and Beyond is non-diet and weight neutral focused. All bodies are welcome, worthy, and respected. No diet or weight loss discussions, please.

Here, we are getting closer to a full tank of energy, a confident body mindset, and workouts that leave you feeling powerful and strong. A physical power and strength that translates to the rest of your life.

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HERE IT IS, my friend:

I am WITH YOU in this, and so are our To Pregnancy and Beyond members.

Your care matters.

SIGN UP FOR your care

Ready to reconnect with your body and feel confident, strong, and capable? Sign up for To Pregnancy and Beyond and start feeling like a renewed version of YOU again!


Every month we donate on behalf of To Pregnancy and Beyond members to an organization that helps support mothers, families, and children.

here are the answers to your questions:

Most of our TPAB members are working out 2-3 times per week, doing strength training and interval focused sessions that take 15-30 minutes.

For exercise equipment, you will need dumbbells (at least a ‘lighter’ set - 10/15 lbs - and a ‘heavier’ set - 20-30 lbs), resistance bands (at least a ‘lighter’ and a ‘heavier’ band), a bench or sturdy chair. We will send you a ‘mini band’ that you will need, in the mail!

You can always ask in the Facebook group if you need a modification for an exercise based on what equipment you have access to. If you are working out at a gym, you will be set.

After registration, you will receive an equipment list with suggested options if you are starting from no at-home gym equipment. It is totally possible to do these workouts from work with very little exercise equipment, and on a budget.

As soon as 2-3 weeks post. Most moms, including those who have had a vaginal or Cesarean birth, can begin to start back with our gentle postpartum core and pelvic floor recovery program at this time point. Of course, always check with your medical provider to ensure  your OK’d for this start date.

This course is designed for folks with full schedules! The strength training workouts typically take 20-30 minutes maximum, and the interval training workouts take 10-15 minutes. I make sure to keep this easy, accessible, and manageable because I GET how tricky this can be to fit consistent workouts in.

Many To Pregnancy and Beyond members are currently managing and treating pelvic organ prolapse. The experience is different for everyone. The goal is always for our people with prolapse to be able to strength train and challenge themselves optimally, without ramping up, or worsening POP symptoms. The beauty of To Pregnancy & Beyond is that we can have constant communication in the private Facebook coaching group to modify for your body and needs, too. 

You bet! We would love to have you. If you have been strength training and exercising consistently, please let us know on the consultation form after you register. We can start you at more challenging workouts, if required. 

You could supplement other exercise or workouts with your TPAB programming, such as running, spinning, walking, yoga, etc. 

Given the online delivery of the program and that your program is available immediately upon purchase, there are no refunds. 

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