To Pregnancy & Beyond is an online monthly, fitness based, membership program for those who are pregnant and moms. Join us for coaching and camaraderie, at any trimester of pregnancy, or any stage – days, weeks, or years – postpartum.

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"I WISH someone had given me this advice with baby #1, it would have saved a lot of tears, stress and pain. SO glad to have a sensible, safe plan to follow this time around!"
"As an MD, I think one of the most important things I learned during pregnancy/postpartum is how arbitrary 6 weeks is (for delivery, surgery, broken bones, anything big really). Yes, after 6 weeks most people are “fine”. Very few people are “well”."
"Thank you for giving me parts of my life back. It’s so bleak when you talk to doctors that tell you that you are basically crippled with a bladder prolapse.”
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