2-Week Fitness Coaching Trial for Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Parents

Feel a revived sense of strength and capability in your body in 3 workouts a week with...


~ Join us for the experience from August 16th to August 29th ~


This is exercise coaching that asks, "Who is your body for?" Care for yourself because you deserve to be well. For YOU, alone.

What's Included:


View your workouts on our private desktop and mobile app. Direct messaging with our TPAB coaches. Come to the community for questions, coaching, and support.


You'll get access to 3 strength training workouts per week that will take 30 minutes or less to complete at home or in the gym. 


Untangle exercise from controlling your body. Instead, approach exercise from a strength promoting, non-diet, weight-neutral mindset through pregnancy and postpartum.

Nothing about this is a "traditional" fitness program.

I am here to help you HEAL AND THRIVE in your body as it goes through immense changes. Not shrink you, your joy, or the space you take up. 

Join us in To Pregnancy and Beyond and be in community and CARED FOR.

Experience To Pregnancy and Beyond for only:


Do you have any questions? Answers here!

The two week trial period officially starts on Monday, August 16th. Registration will close on August 12th so we can ensure everyone is set up with their workouts and coaching access beforehand.

No, sorry! The trial will run as a group, on these specific dates. 

You will have access to 3, planned-for-you strength training workouts per week. These workouts are designed for pregnancy, postpartum, parents, and those with pelvic floor concerns. You will have access to our To Pregnancy and Beyond fitness coaches for guidance, and our members-only community for support. 

Absolutely! We regularly work with parents whose kids are 5, 10, 15+ years old. 

You bet. We recommend you be 6+ weeks postpartum, with clearance from your medical provider to return to exercise before beginning the trial workouts.

You will want resistance bands, mini bands, and dumbbells or kettlebells. At least one medium strength resistance band, one medium strength mini band, a lighter set (10-15lbs) and heavier set (20-30lbs) of weights. We give you our specific recommendations upon joining! 

Of course! Use the "chat" icon on the bottom of the page, OR email us at: info@jmgfitnessconsulting.com

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